Music Monday: Neil Diamond #HardRockTampa

Welcome back to another edition of #MusicMonday, where every Monday, we showcase one of our rockin’ pieces of memorabilia.

Today’s featured piece comes from Neil Diamond and is an iridescent mauve shirt that was worn during his ‘Beautiful Noise’ tour in 1979.  The black guitar accompanying the shirt was acquired from a former assistant of Neil’s.  Neil used the guitar in a concert in the 1990’s.  They both can be found on our new Rock Walk from Winner’s Way Garage.

The ‘Beautiful Noise’ tour consisted of 16 concerts, 7 of which took place in February & March while the other 9 happened during December of the same year.  The song most played by Neil Diamond on the tour was “Anthem,” which was played 32 times which doubled all his other songs during the tour.

Neil Diamond was born in Brooklyn, New York, on January 24, 1941.  His family soon moved to Wyoming because of his father’s military service during World War II.  Once the war was over, his family came back to Brooklyn and gave Neil a $9 acoustic guitar.  This gave Neil his passion for music and at age 15, he wrote his first song “Here Them Bells.”

During the late 1950s, Neil Diamond was studying at New York University in their pre-med program.  He was 10 credits shy of graduating when he decided to quit school and go back to his love for music.  From there, he bought a $30 piano and worked on his songs until 1966, when he signed with “Bang Records.”

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