Fresh Harvest: Traveling the World One Bite at a Time

Come to Seminole Hard Rock Tampa for the opportunity to travel the world one bite at a time. Located on the second floor, up the stair-way to foodie heaven, Fresh Harvest provides a uniquely contemporary dining experience where guests have the chance to discover a culinary world, without the need of an airplane. The seven live-action kitchens provide distinct, epicurean experiences from around the globe. Fresh Harvest is more than your average buffet, it’s where food lovers can gain insight on the food culture from different regions around the world, right in your own backyard.

Adorned with fiery red lanterns, The Asian Fair is the go-to station for oriental cuisine. Served daily at The Asian Fair is dim sum, defined as small dumplings served in small steamer baskets, a selection of delicious sushi choices, and varying Asian soups.  With a recent hype for the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, pho, our chefs have begun uniquely serving this trendy soup choice daily. Guests can enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience as they have the option to create-their-own pho soup. The station is conveniently set-up with various meat and vegetable options so that each guest can easily craft their own soup according to their preferences.

At the Raw Bar diners can immerse themselves in all that is seafood. Stocked with clams, oysters, mussels, shrimp and crawfish, this station is sure to satisfy ocean and freshwater cravings. Specializing in freshness, our seafood is always fresh and never frozen. To maximize the freshness of our seafood, our chefs shuck oysters and clams seconds prior to serving. Served daily at the Raw Bar are also two varying delicious seafood soups.

Located in the center of the dining room is a large hut known as The Grill. This station is decked out with a flat-top that cooks made-to-order dishes varying daily, such as salmon, burger sliders, quesadillas…etc., along with an adjacent station that serves made-to-order stir fries. The Grill uniquely incorporates a traditional Mongolian iron wok to cook stir fries. A rounded, iron wok is the traditional tool for cooking stir fries in Mongolia. It is the most effective tool because, compared to aluminum, iron is able to retain heat at the bottom and the sides of the wok for an even cooking throughout. This kind of wok is designed to cook with an open flame to increase the even distribution of heat throughout the cooking vessel. In addition, grilled meats such as chicken, steak and pork are available every day at The Grill.

The Italian station is brimming with dishes prepared daily with fresh, traditional Italian ingredients. Not only will you find a variety cheeses, pizza and pasta, the Italian station also offers made-to-order pasta dishes where our diners can pick their pasta and eat it too! Guests have the option to choose their pasta, their sauce and their choice of a variety of toppings. Included in the topping selections are home-made meatballs. Chefs freshly prepare the meatballs from scratch approximately every two days. These delicious meatballs are as fresh and simple as the ingredients used to create them.

American Bounty is the land of the hardy, home of the savory! This station is packed daily with American favorites like crispy and juicy fried chicken, sweet and spicy ribs and savory traditional mashed potatoes. In addition, each day at American Bounty a designated chef is on-hand at the carving station to freshly carve the meat choice of the day. The daily carving varies from day to day with options like prime rib, honey ham and many more.

Produce is fresher at Fresh Harvest! The soup and salad station is where our diners can satisfy their cravings for crisp, fresh ingredients. This station remains brimming with fruits and vegetables that are perfect for topping salads or simply to enjoy alone. Freshness is key.

Last but certainly not least, housed in a second hut behind The Grill is the house of sweets, Sweets A La Mode. This station is heaven for those with sweet teeth! Chock-full with traditional desserts such as cookies, pies, cheesecake and ice-cream, this station also prepares decadent made-to-order milkshakes and crepes stuffed with fresh fruit. In addition, Sweets A La Mode offers a selection of sugar free pastries to accommodate all of our guest’s preferences. A dessert paradise, don’t forget to end your dining journey with a little something sweet.

At Fresh Harvest, diners are able to become familiarized with flavors from around the globe in just one stop. A restaurant focused on providing quality choices, our guests will find that behind every delicious dish lies the hard work of an experienced chef. Catering to every kind of guest, the meat eater, the seafood epicure and even the sweet-tooth connoisseur, Fresh Harvest offers a contemporary experience that is sure to delight.