Four Things To Know About Pai Gow Poker at Hard Rock Tampa

Pai Gow Poker, is an Asian-inspired card game that is a spinoff of Pai Gow Tiles with hands that are based on American Poker. The Pai Gow Poker tables at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa are located in the beautiful Asian-themed gaming room called Jubao Palace and also by the Lobby Bar. Here are the four things to know about playing Pai Gow Poker:

How to Play
The game begins with the Dealer shaking three dice to determine the dealing location of the first set of seven cards. The Dealer provides each Player and himself with seven cards from a 53-card deck (one Joker is used) that are dealt face downwards. The object of the game is to make the best two-card and five-card poker hands that will beat the dealers two-card and five-card hands. The five-card must always be a higher ranking value than the two-card hand.

How to Win
All Players play against the Dealer’s hand, also known as the “Banker Hand.” The Player wins if both their two-card and five-cards hands beat the Dealer’s two-card and five-card hand. If only one hand wins and the other loses, it considered a “push” and the Player breaks even.

How Much To Bet
The minimum bet for this game is $10 and the maximum is $5,000. Place whatever amount you feel most comfortable. If you are a beginner, start small so you are able to learn the game. There are many “pushes” in this game, so it is beginner friendly.

Fortune Bonus Payout
Pai Gow Poker Players have an option to play to Fortune Bonus. The minimum bet is $1 and the maximum is $100. Check out these rockin’ payouts:

7 Card Straight Flush – 5,000 TO 1
Royal Flush plus Royal Match – 2,000 TO 1
7 Card Straight Flush with Joker – 1,000 TO 1
Five Aces – 400 TO 1
Royal Flush – 150 TO 1
Straight Flush – 50 TO 1
Four of a Kind – 25 TO 1
Full House – 5 TO 1
Flush – 4 TO 1
Three of a Kind – 3 TO 1
Straight – 2 TO 1