$300,000 Blackjack Tournament Winner at Hard Rock Tampa

On May 25 the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa hosted a $300,000 blackjack tournament outside of Council Oak Steaks & Seafood with 196 players.

In addition to the $300,000 payout, the first place winner had a chance at winning $50,000 cash in a final hand played against the dealer. Full of anticipation, players and guests were able to view the $50,000 cash bonus displayed in the center of the tournament.

The tournament wasn’t only exciting for the participants, but also the guests. Many of them were crowded around the tournament eager to watch the players every move. Some players were heard shouting with excitement, while others stayed silent and concentrated.

At the end of each bracket, winners could be seen high-fiving their friends and family eager for the next round to begin.

The top six players each took away winnings from the tournament:

First place- $100,000 in promotional chips
Second place- $60,000 in promotional chips
Third place- $28,000 in promotional chips
Fourth place- $26,000 in promotional chips
Fifth place- $26,000 in promotional chips
Sixth place- $10,000 in promotional chips

The most exhilarating part of the evening was when the first place winner had the opportunity to play one last hand against the dealer for $50,000 cash.

Preparing for the final hand, the dealer placed the impressive stack of $50,000 cash on the table in front of the player. Next, a box of tissues was also placed on the table. The player was to either win the $50,000 in cash or a box of tissues to help with the tears.

The player received his initial two cards showing a queen of spades and a nine of hearts, making 19 (a great starting hand). The dealer’s up card was a six of clubs. The player having a great hand, against the dealer’s six, waived off the need for additional hit cards. The dealer slowly (and agonizingly) exposed her hole card showing a five of spades (totaling 11). She hit her hand with a queen of spades totaling 21.

Needless to say, the player didn’t need the tissues because he was a great sport and still left with $100,000 in promotional chips. He and his guest smiled alongside the tournament dealers in appreciation for the successful Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino blackjack tournament.

Photos courtesy of David Galindo