July Charity of the Month

Some wait until the end of the year to celebrate the holiday season. But for others, July is just an extension of the holiday season celebrating Christmas in July. Introducing our Charity of the Month, the Tampa General Hospital Foundation, who make tremendous strides in aiding the Tampa community. 

In order to provide meaningful philanthropic support to TGH, the Tampa General Hospital Foundation was formed in 1974. The Foundation’s goal is to enhance the overall health and wellness of the Tampa Bay area by inspiring others to invest in the patients we serve. As ambassadors for TGH, this foundation is committed to engaging the community and providing philanthropic support for both the present and future needs of Tampa’s premier hospital.

With their tremendous impact for the community, we’ve joined forces to execute a one-of-a-kind event…Christmas in July. The goal is to spread the mid-year holiday cheer to the kids that need it most. So…how do we do it?

Well first, we go shopping! Tampa General Hospital gives us their wish list for what the kids would love most. The Claus Family then shops for all the fun toys, games, movies & electronics to bring smiles to the children’s faces!

Mr. & Mrs. Claus presenting all the gifts for the children of Tampa General Hospital

Next, we load up Tampa General Hospital with all the goodies before heading over to hand-deliver the presents to patients around the hospital. Needless to say, this is one of the most heart-warming and rewarding times of the year.

Stay tuned on our social media channels for the inside scoop on this year’s Christmas in July!

In order to help raise addition funds for the organization, we are are selling Tampa General Hospital koozies and reusable bags in the Hard Rock Store and Rock Shop for $5. All proceeds benefit the Tampa General Hospital Foundation, so purchase yours anytime during the month of July to show your support.

We are also hosting Hard Rock Trivia night with The Office theme! Come out for a fun time and your chance to score cash prizes all while supporting the Tampa General Hospital Foundation!

Click here to learn more about this rockin’ organization.