Sound of Your Stay: WAX

Hard Rock International is improving our Sound of Your Stay program by adding WAX; a vinyl record in-room amenity program that offers guests the ability to tune into the magic of vinyl records; while experiencing music as it was indented to be listened to.

The program allows our guests to check out one of 10 Crosley “Keepsake” Record Players and a Crosley Record Carrier Case.  The carrier contains a collection of quintessential vinyl records from Sony Music catalogue.  The records include music from AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, and many more.

In order for a guest to receive a Crosley “Keepsake” Record Player for their hotel room, he or she can talk to the front desk of our hotel and a record player will be delivered to the room.  From there, the guest can enjoy the record player for as long as he or she chooses.

Hard Rock has also partnered with five emerging artists to revel the WAX program.  These artists include The Aces, New Politics, Rebel and Basketcase, Run River North, and Michelle Branch.  All artists have been appearing on different tours as well as winning awards such as Michelle Branch’s Grammy which she won with Santana for “The Game of Love.”