10 Things To Know About Melodime

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa is proud to host word mashing band, Melodime on Tuesday, January 21 from 5pm-12am for Rock Brother’s Brewery/Cigar City Beer Tap Takeover. For more information about the Beer Tap Takeover click here.

  1. In the spring of 2006, Brad Rhodes formed Melodime along with his two best friends, Sammy and Tyler Duis in their hometown in Northern Virgina.
  2. Melodime’s first gig was back in 2006 at a Starbucks in Northern Virginia, where he was working at the time.
  3. In 2014, Jon Wiley joined the band to complete their unique sound with his rock and country and bluegrass background.
  4. The name “Melodime” is a made-up word mashing “melody” and “time” to signify memories in the form of sound.
  5. Their biggest musical influences include: Elton John, Billy Joel, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin.
  6. Their music style is alternative rock with a taste of country influences.
  7. Melodime performs regularly at the Jammin Java and the State Theatre in Virgina.
  8. The band is currently on tour; starting in Atlanta and ending in Miami.
  9. Melodime will appear for the third year in a row on the Rock Boat Tour, leaving from Miami to Mexico and ending in the Cayman Islands.
  10. Their latest album was fully funded by their growing fan base. 100% of “Where the Sinners & the Saints Collide” profits were donated to Now I Play Along Too, a charity that provides instruments to underprivileged children.

Check out Melodime and their music here.

MELODIME - press photo