Working Magic with XCARD Services Manager: Kristi Lyn Gamboa

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Kristi Lyn Gamboa now resides in Florida as Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa’s XCARD Services Manager. Her positive energy and bright smile is welcoming to both guests and the six team members she manages. She not only provides a welcoming atmosphere, but she also establishes relationships with guests and team members, starting by saying hello to those she passes while walking the casino floor.

Kristi Lyn says that one of her favorite parts of working for Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa as the XCARD Services Manager is “being confident that we’re trained to wow our guests with million dollar moments at any point in time, whether we’re accommodating national or international guests.”

You may be wondering how Kristi Lyn works her magic as the XCARD services manager. “Anything they need, we make it happen,” says Kristi Lyn. Her attention to detail and thoughtfulness are just two traits that make her successful in providing stellar service to guests. It’s all about the details. Some examples of her attention to detail include surprising a guest on his birthday with a cake at dinner and sending a customized special amenity to his room. She arranges special culinary options for a guest with dietary restrictions.

Knowing that a guest can trust her is one of the most important aspects of her position. She establishes relationships and creates a “how did you pull that off?” moment, even if the pressure is on in full effect. Kristi Lyn says, “I don’t get stressed at work. I take things one at a time and really work to instill that in my team.”

With all of the ongoing improvements in guest service at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa, it’s safe to say that Kristi Lyn’s calm demeanor and positive attitude will help ensure a winning experience for all of our guests. If you see her friendly face on property, be sure to stop and say hello!

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