The Ultra New High Limit Slot Room Revealed: Q&A with VP of Player Development Brian Lewis

Brian Lewis, originally from a small town in upstate New York (Rensselaer) was formally a Disney Cast member from 1996 – 2003. His diverse experience with Disney include: team member, valet/bellman and an event manager at Disney’s Wide World of Sports complex. His most recent position prior to joining the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa was a Manager of Player Development for Dover Downs Hotel & Casino in Dover Delaware from 2008 – 2014.

Read on to find out what makes the new High Limit Slots Room the most luxurious gaming experience in the country.

What are some of your responsibilities at Hard Rock Tampa?

Some of my responsibilities include Casino Marketing (events, promotions and tournaments), relationship building (both internally and externally) and ensuring the continued growth of our slot business. My most recent focus was creating the team that tends to the High Limit Slots Room. I am responsible for giving them the tools and resources they need on a daily basis to be as productive and efficient as they can be to get the most out of their day. We work hard to motivate and encourage team members to step out of their comfort zone so they can excel, succeed and continue to grow in their careers.

How many team members do your currently oversee?

I currently oversee 40+ team members including: Casino Hosts, Executive Casino Hosts, PD Executives, PD Coordinators and a Manager.

What is the best part about your job?

I really enjoy leading (in my opinion) some of the best team members in the gaming industry, as well as the ability to build long lasting relationships with a wide range of guests.

What are some of your goals for Seminole Hard Rock Tampa slots and guests?

We continue to focus on creating WOW experiences for all of our guests by exceeding expectations using the 5 F’s: Fun, Fast, Fresh, Friendly and Focused.

How deep was your involvement in unveiling the High Limit Slot Room?

I was asked to present the team my vision for this project, which consisted of hand selecting team members who work within the High Limit Room. I was then to give that team the expectations, tools and resources to perform at their highest level. I was very fortunate to be handed the reins of this project as it pertains to team member selection. The team selected allows us to build those strong relationships with all of our guests.

Once created, all 200+ team members went through a high limit slot orientation/ strategic planning session. These sessions allowed us to roll out the service expectations, but, more importantly, it allowed us to build the necessary relationships internally between departments to create a seamless guest service experience. It’s all about teamwork and trust! We are one cohesive team working together in one room.

How will you be involved in the room now that it is open for guests?

I continue to perform my duties as Player Development Vice President, but I also focus on the daily operations within High Limit and Ultra High Limit Slots. I am always looking for ways to enhance and improve our guest experience through service upgrades, amenities and listening and responding to what our guests feel is important.

What’s your favorite aspect about the High Limit Slot Room?

My favorite aspect of the room is that there is nothing in the country that compares to it. The sheer beauty and size of the room is breathtaking in itself. The finishes are gorgeous with the tile, stone and crystal chandeliers and I believe guests will be in awe each time they enter the room. I also love the fact that we added a butler’s pantry in the room, giving us the ability to offer food during events and or weekends for our guests. I think guests are going to love it.

What’s different about this room than the previous high-limit room?

This room offers much more privacy for our guests. It is also three times bigger than the former High Limit Slot Room.

How many hosts attend to this room?

There is a host in the room at all times.

What are the hours of operation?

This room, along with the casino is open 24/7 and there is  beverage, host and food service available at all times.

What team members will be in the new room?

There are 250 team members assigned to this room exclusively. Various departments are represented such as beverage, public space, security, cage and casino slot representatives. Those team members have gone through intensive training to ensure they are providing a seamless experience for our guests.

What special amenities are in the new room?

The machines are more spacious, specifically 26 inches apart from each other. Guests are able to play in High Limit or Ultra High Limit, which have private entrances and security.

What are the limits?

High Limit – $1 – $25 (some $50) / Ultra High Limit – $25 – $1,000

Brian says, “Our high end service and amenities, combined with some of the best team members in the industry, makes Seminole Hard Rock Tampa High Limit Slots and Ultra High Limit Slots the place everyone will want to play in to bet big and win big.”