Triple Your Chances of Winning at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa

Let it Ride is an exciting five card poker game (Player’s 3 cards and 2 community cards) that blends in the thrilling aspects of Three Card Poker and also gives the player an option to bet just a dollar on a Let it Ride Bonus wager and have a chance to win big.   It is the only game in the casino where the Player wants the Dealer to get a good hand each time (community cards) and it is also the only game that when the cards are revealed, the player has the opportunity to decrease his bet if he doesn’t like his cards.

It’s important to note though you are not playing against the Dealer or the other Players; you are simply trying to get the best possible poker hand by using your three cards and the two community cards, which the Dealer will expose.

Want to know how you win? The winners are paid out according to the payout schedule (pair of tens or better, two pair, ect.).

  1. After placing all three required bets, a Player may add a dollar to “light up” the bonus spot which now automatically enters the player into a chance for BONUS payments for a five-card hand with a “3 of a Kind” or better.  The Player may also wager on the Three Card Bonus wager which is based solely on the 3 cards dealt to the Player.
  2. After looking at their first three cards, the Player may ask for one of their required three bets back or they may Let it Ride.
  3. The Dealer, after burning his or her bottom card, turns up one community card. They Player may then ask for their second bet back or Let it Ride.

The Dealer then turns up the second community card and in a counterclockwise direction, turns the three cards of each player face up. After all losing wagers have been collected; the Dealer pays all winning hands according to the payout schedule.

Each Player will be required to keep the three cards in full view of the Dealer at all times.  After each Player has made a decision regarding bet number 2, each Player’s cards shall be placed face down on the designated area of the layout, and they may not touch the cards again.

Regardless of the decision made regarding the first of second bet, the Player may not take back the third bet (Players cannot show their hands to other Players).

Information provided by: Seminole
Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa