Meet Seminole Hard Rock Girl Miss November 2014: Jasah Millican

Tampa native, Jasah Millican is an authentic Southern Belle who is Miss November in the 2014 Hard Rock Girls Calendar. In addition to working many of the VIP and community events, Jasah is also a cocktail server. Some of her passions include: singing, acting, performing and philanthropy.

Jasah’s love for performing started at a young age when she started actively becoming involved in her school’s choir and theater. She considers herself a theater nerd and says that it kept her grounded growing up. One of her dreams is to work on Saturday Night Live and make people smile while doing what she loves, which is making people happy.

One of her best qualities is that she loves making people laugh and feel good. She believes she can make a difference for those going through a difficult time, which is why she is also pursuing a degree in nursing. It’s safe to say Jasah is a friendly and familiar face throughout the property.