3 Doors Down To Play Exclusive Music for Hard Rock Cafe Tampa

The lead singer of 3 Doors Down, Brad Arnold recently sat down with us for an interview to discuss his highly anticipated, sold-out concert taking place in the Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow, September 5. We’ve got the details on the band’s upcoming album and the exclusive music that fans will hear in the Hard Rock Cafe tomorrow evening.

INTERVIEWER: Will Hard Rock Tampa fans hear any exclusive music during your concert September 5?

BRAD: They will. We’re in the midst of writing a record right now and so far we have three songs done for it. They’re really cool songs and we’ve been getting really good feedback for all of them. The three songs are: “I Don’t Want to Know”, “You Better Believe It” and “Pieces of Me.” “Pieces of me” is kind of a reflective song that is a little bit slower, “You Better Believe It” is rock n’ roll and “I Don’t Want to Know” has almost a Latin vibe to it. When you hear it, you’ll totally understand what I’m talking about, but it’s a cool song. It’s amazing how “I Don’t Want to Know” has been going over. It’s not an incredibly complex song or anything, but people really like it, especially girls. Desmond Child once told me, “Never write a song to a dude, you’ve got to write for a girl.” It is the truth because if a girl likes it, a dudes going to like it. When we start playing that song, half of the women in the audience start wiggling. (Laughs)

INTERVIEWER: 3 Doors Down has had over 18 years of success. What are your hopes for the future?

BRAD: Just keep on going and see if we can do it another 18 years. We don’t really try to make any plans, but after we get off of this tour we’re going to make another record.

INTERVIEWER: The word on the street is that you’re working on a new studio album. How is that coming along and when do you plan on releasing it?

BRAD: We’re going to try and have it recorded by Christmas. We want it out by next spring though. When we get off of this tour, we’re going to work really hard and get in there to finish the songs. Like I said, we’ve got three done, but we have a lot of ideas in the works and it’s going really well. We’ve got a couple of new guys in the band too, so there’s a different flavor, which is very welcome. I want it to be fun and have some substance to it. I think people are done with songs that are so serious. I think we got that out of our system in the late 90s and 2000s. For the love of God, let’s smile!

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