June’s Charity of The Month is Turtley Awesome

The sea is as near as we come to another world and this month’s charity is driven to creating positive change for the big blue ocean. It’s safe to say that they’re awesome for shore! The Florida Aquarium actively participates in and promotes stewardship of the natural environment. For that, we’re proud to support them and their conservation efforts.

Their efforts focus on coral reefs, sea turtles and sharks found in our blue backyard —Tampa Bay, The Gulf of Mexico, the Florida Keys and Cuba. Through scientific diving, research and rescue efforts, they are helping to restore Florida’s disappearing coral reefs, rehabilitating and returning sea turtles to the ocean, and addressing the dwindling sand tiger shark populations. And that’s just for starters! There’s so much more, from educating and inspiring our community about conservation action to supporting swallow-tailed kite population research, African penguin nesting in South Africa, and Lemur conservation in Madagascar. They are working passionately every day to protect and restore our blue planet. Seriously, how cool?!

Image Courtesy of The Florida Aquarium

Animal Care 
The Florida Aquarium provides a unique experience for visitors to see and learn about the natural environment, including important ecosystems and endangered species, up-close. They provide top quality habitats, medical care, food and enrichment (fun times) for our residents, many of which are rescued and deemed non-releasable. These important animal ambassadors help to continue inspiring guests of all ages to become good stewards of the natural environment.

Image Courtesy of The Florida Aquarium

Conservation and Research
Whether they come to them cold-stunned from the frozen seas of the Northeast, or their flippers have been tangled in fishing line in Tampa Bay, The Florida Aquarium has been instrumental in the rescue and rehabilitation of sea turtles since they opened their doors more than twenty years ago. This program provides equipment, medicine, food, and supplies needed to rescue, rehabilitate, and release them back into their natural environment.

It additionally supports efforts to protect and restore coral reefs by collecting health assessments, completing genetic identification, annual gamete collection, and drug treatments for common coral diseases.

Image Courtesy of The Florida Aquarium

Education and Community Outreach
The Aquarium has educated and inspired more than one million school children to be good stewards of the natural environment, and hosts thousands of school children each year during summer camps, programs and field trips, offering reduced or free visits to Title One schools in Florida.



How To Support
Stop by our retail store or Rock Shop to purchase your $5 bracelet sold only through the month of June to support The Florida Aquarium. 100% of proceeds benefit the charity.