Meet the New Sous Chef of Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Sushi Joint, Rock ‘N Raw Zhong Bo Zhang (Chef Bob)

If you’re looking for a unique taste of the east, all you gotta’ do is roll with it, baby. Fresh and fabulous, this sushi joint prepares everything swimmingly. Rock ‘N Raw, located on the second floor next to Fresh Harvest, features Asian noodle soups, dim sum and traditional Asian dishes with three menus to choose from.

Meet the chef of the hour, Rock ‘N Raw Sous Chef, Zhong Bo Zhang (Bob). Originally from Qing Dao, China, Bob started off his career in culinary when he was 19 years-old  at Debao Garden, a five star hotel in China.


Bob listens to a variety of top 40 music hits, but his all-time favorite way to unwind is by tuning into traditional Chinese music. Overall, his favorite artist is Canadian singer and world renowned songwriter, Celine Dion.

Chef Bob, who reports to Head Chef Kim Pak Chai, helps oversee 25 team members at Rock ‘N Raw. Chef Bob begins his day by helping to prepare the food and ensuring everything is served to a standard that will exceed our guests.

If Chef Bob were to dine anywhere else he would dine at Council Oak and eat one of his favorite dishes; Wagyu Beef Tartare.

To check out the extensive sushi menu at Rock ‘N Raw click here!

FUN FACT: Chef Bob studies the art of Kung Fu and Tai Ji Quan, a Chinese martial art.