Summer Cookout Giveaway

Summer Cookout Giveaway Package

Summer is the time to get your grill on and as residents of the sunshine state, sometimes grillin’ season surpasses the summer months. Perks of Florida living! So, we’re giving you the hookup with the Summer Cookout Package that’s loaded with sweet grilling essentials.

Enter today because the contest runs through September 3, 2018 at 11:59pm! Our lucky winner will score an Arctic Zone Titan cooler, barbeque Grill & Chill, thermometer, grilling tool set and a Hard Rock beach towel. Click here to enter the giveaway! 

Council Oak Steaks & Seafood’s Chef de Cuisine, Francisco Pomalaza

If you’re not a pro at grilling, no worries! Council Oak’s Chef Cisco Pomalaza shares his tips for cooking the perfect steak, whether on the stove or the grill.

  • Seasoning is important: Don’t use fine/iodized salt or black pepper that isn’t freshly cracked. Instead, be sure to use freshly cracked black pepper and/or coarse kosher salt.
  • Don’t just put the steak on the grill, be sure to lubricate the grill with canola oil and paper towel so that you season the grates, which will prevent steak from sticking.
  • Don’t cook steak immediately after removing from the fridge. Allow steak to temper and reach room temperate for at least 30 minutes before placing on the grill.
  • Ignore the myth that says “don’t flip your steaks”.  You want to flip your steaks often so that you get even cooking.
  • Once your steak is at the desired temperature, do not cut it immediately. Allow steak to rest 5-10 minutes before slicing.