Meet Antonia Serwin: Rock Spa Masseuse

Seminole Hard Rock’s Rock Spa features the most luxurious products and services in the industry. It also offers Hard Rock’s signature “Rhythm & Motion,” the world’s first fully immersive music-centric spa menu utilizing amplified vibrations, pressures and patterns as the foundation of its treatment. This groundbreaking experience takes guest on rhythmic massage journey.

Now that we’ve introduced you to a Hard Rock exclusive, meet Antonia, Rock Spa masseuse who has been a part of the Seminole Hard Rock Tampa team for three years. Since working at Seminole Hard Rock Tampa Antonia has continued her education as a masseuse in order to keep up with the new massage techniques, making her one of the most highly requested masseuses at the Rock Spa!

Antonia considers herself a lifetime student and is always gaining knowledge from her experiences. She has gained skill in various elements of spa services such as energy healing, timed massages, reflexology, deep tissue massages, mysofascial work which is is a soft tissue therapy for the treatment of skeletal muscle immobility and pain, as well as studying with the Native American shaman  (a spiritual leader of a group or tribe) where she learned a blend of different modalities.

Antonia loves to blend different modalities that she has learned and incorporate stretching within the massage. One of her favorites is a deep tissue work, without using invasive techniques. She first warms up the muscle, then incorporates stretching to free the space and range in motion depending on the body type.

To help promote wellness amongst our team members, Antonia is teaching yoga classes on property at no cost to Seminole Hard Rock Tampa team members. Talk about a rock star!

FUN FACT: Antonia owned her own mobile massage business for 16 years!

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