Jaw Ready For This?

In lieu of our new Shark Week video slot machine, it’s o-fish-ally time for a giveaway. Check out our social media for how to enter to win an Official Shark Week Box! The giveaway runs from March 29 thru April 1, 2019.

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Sink your teeth into this bad boy! Discovery’s Shark Week video slot is a six-pod arrangement of machines that are located in the new casino expansion area next to L Bar. Seriously, you won’t miss it. It has massive screens that give the look and feel of a real shark tank.  

It’s uniquely designed to fully immerse the player as if they are peering through a window into an undersea world filled with lively sharks and other sea life swimming around a brightly colored coral reef. Sea life transitions seamlessly across massive 55-inch top screens while players engage with three exciting base games through touch capable 27-inch LCD bottom screens, making it impossible to miss on the gaming floor.

Check it out and best of luck on the social media giveaway!