Behind the Velvet Rope: Fun Facts about Hard Rock


Table Games

  • In 2013,  table games went through 456,727 decks of cards


  • In 2013, the casino had over 165,000+ jackpots

Rise Kitchen & Bakery

  • Within a month span the Rise Kitchen team will make, from scratch, 40 different soups for the 30,000+ average guests the restaurant sees every month
  • The baristas and pastry kitchen team will bake and serve over 83,000 pastries in a calendar year with a variety of selections from Baileys Chocolate cake, strawberry short cake and the traditional chocolate chip cookie


  • The Lucky Street garage elevators made 1,625,862 trips up & down over the last 12 months
  • The south garage elevators made 787,347 trips
  • The hotel tower passenger elevators made 1,564,621 trips


  • Single Stream Recycling program diverted over 200 tons of materials from the trash last year
  • Separate cardboard recycling totaled 240 tons

Hard Rock Cafe

  • Sold more than 8K burgers in a month

Public Space

  • Spend on average, about $2,000 worth of hand soap per week
  • Go through an average of 400liters of All Purpose Antibacterial Cleaner per month (total of just under $1k/month)
  • Use about 500 microfiber cloths for polishing only, per day


  • The wardrobe department has 5 conveyors holding a total of 3,215 garment bags
  • One of the conveyors holds 640 slots and is just for females


  • In January 2014 the Tampa wardrobe department processed 8,232 garments for laundry; scanning them out to laundry, scanning them back in, and then putting them away
  • In 2013 the Tampa wardrobe department processed 93,563 garments for laundry; scanning them out to laundry, scanning them back in, and then putting them away


  • The Tampa wardrobe department engraves the knives for our Council Oak Steakhouse, NYY Steak in our Coconut Creek casino, NYY Steak in Yankee Stadium, NY, and NYY Steak in Manhattan, NY
  • So far, 156 knives have been engraved for the newly opened NYY Steak in Manhattan


  • In January 2014 the wardrobe attendants performed 7,115 transactions in addition to the laundry
  • There are 27,226 garments currently assigned to the present staff as of right now
    (It changes hourly as some people return items and pick up new ones)
  • The purple tie tops and pleather vests worn in the parade by the Hard Rock calendar girls are made in house by the wardrobe seamstresses

Council Oak

  • When the Seminole Tribe signed the contract to begin ownership of Hard Rock International, it was signed under the sacred oak tree in Hollywood, where the name of the restaurant comes from
  • Our USDA Prime Steaks are aged for a minimum of 21 days in our very own dry aging cooler
  • The pink Himalayan salt helps to extract excess moisture, making the steaks much more tender
  • The largest lobster to ever sit in the tank at Council Oak was 15lbs and was sold to a VIP group in the Plum Lounge
  • There are over 2,000 bottles in our wine cellars at any given time
  • Council Oak has been recognized by Wine Spectator with an Award of Excellence since 2008
  • On a typical week, over 2 tons of beef will come into the restaurant to be portioned into the steaks on the menu

Fresh Harvest & Rock N Raw

  • Both restaurants average around 35,000 guests per month and 420,000 guests per year
  • Purchase $130,000.00 of fresh seafood per month
  • Purchase 100 sushi rolls per day and 35,000 per year and 4,895 pounds of oysters per month
  • Sell around 500 whole lobsters every 3 months at Rock n Raw
  • Sell an average of 1,100 pounds of fried chicken per month

Green Room

  • 1st Restaurant to be built after company officially become Hard Rock
  • On average restaurants uses about 600 eggs a day, 18,600 a month
  • Trip Advisor Award 2013 – Certificate of Excellence Winner
  • Kitchen is also responsible for all Room Service needs
  • The definition of the Green Room is a space in a performing venue that is set aside for performers to lounge in when they are not required on stage and is not usually established with the intent of being a peaceful and quiet space; it is an area for socializing