9 Things To Know Before the SOLD OUT REO Show at the Hard Rock Cafe

  1. What is an REO Speedwagon
    A high-speed fire engine that is no longer in production
  2. Where did REO Speedwagon originate?
    Champaign, Illinois
  3. Who is the only band member to play on every REO album?
    Neal Doughty
  4. What was REO Speedwagon’s first #1 single?
    “Keep on Loving You”, which reached #1 in 1980
  5. How many #1 singles has REO Speedwagon had?
  6. What REO song has an introduction by “The Little Rascals”?
    Tough Guys
  7. In 1978 REO Speedwagon hosted a late night TV show, which one?
    Midnight Special
  8. The REO Speedwagon band members helped complete the human chain during 1988’s Hands Across America by joining the people of what small town?
    Desert Center, California
  9. Where was REO discovered by NYC record procuder, Paul Leka?
    An outdoor concert on an Illinois farm

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Trivia Facts courtesy of REO Speed Wagon & Fun Trivia